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Focus & Priorities

A large part of being successful is quite simply putting our time & energy in the right place. And it holds true whether we’re running our own business, or part of a team contributing to someone else’s. Knowing what to do & where to put our focus is key.


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For many people, networking can be a really scary proposition.

Some of us are scared of making fools of ourselves, that we won’t know what to talk about, that people won’t be interested, that we’ll be that person in the corner of the room (real or virtual) frantically trying to…

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Giving effective feedback is a core skill for leaders. Without feedback, our teams don’t know whether they’re on track or not. All the texts tell us we need to know how to challenge performance that isn’t what we need it to be. …

What do Neil Armstrong, Tina Fey, Maya Angelou and Howard Schultz have in common?

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Apart from all being incredibly good at what they do, they have all also said publicly they suffer with Imposter Syndrome. …

Rebecca Maxwell, Perception Insights

Leader, Coach, Trainer, Consultant. Supporting leaders, entrepreneurs & business owners grow their potential & their success.

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